Friday, January 4, 2008

Diving with the Gods

I've always wanted to take up diving so that I can explore the mystical underworld of our vast oceans, starting from the famous Great Barrier Reef in Aussie, to the little known Raja Ampat Islands in Papua, Indonesia which has just been discovered to be the most diverse coral-reef ecosystem on planet earth.

71% of our planet's surface is actually covered by water, so just imagine how much of it is still left unexplored. At Raja Ampat scientists have recently discovered a new species of walking sharks! And if you've read Jules Verne's classic, 20,000 leagues under the sea, today its legendary sea-monster has come true since Japanese scientists have caught a 24 foot giant squid on camera at last.

Giant Squids probably make nice truck-tire sized calamari rings. Yum!

Well, enough scaring you with sea-monsters. Now here's a great video I'd like to share showing off some of the most exotic locations to dive in Indonesia. Enjoy!


Leeann said...

wow, those pictres are awesome. I just returned from a vacation to Riviera Maya where I snorkled and it was amazing. Now I want to do it all over the world!

Ari said...

Hi Leeann,

Glad you liked the video :) Snorkling is fun and you there are many great locations in South East Asia to explore and Indonesia is one of them. Around Riviera Maya, there's a special dive spot about 2 hours drive from Cancun, called Tulum. Check it out here