Wednesday, October 17, 2007

World's Most Beautiful : Beginnings

Welcome to day one of my blog at World's Most Beautiful. With this blog I hope to share how a simple fascination of the world can bring wonderful ideas and inspirations into our lives. I'm dedicating this blog to the exploration of diverse cultures, musical landscapes and breathtaking locations - only made possible through the latest world wide web technologies.

Why World's Most Beautiful?
Many of us are caught up in our daily routines and have forgotten the joy of knowing the world we live in. Since early childhood, I've been blessed to have traveled and lived in many exotic countries. I've always had a dream in sharing this privilege with others. Currently, I'm working at one of the biggest software companies in the world where I'm lucky enough to experience first-hand how global culture is evolving with emerging new technologies. Every week I aim to share insights (sometimes even secrets) of this world with you. Please allow me to be the humble voice of the new world.